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About Us

About Us

Ashok's passion for these children was born out of his own childhood experience. As a young boy, he was left alone with no family support, struggling to make sense of the world around him. But, despite all odds and adversity, he managed to make something of his life and achieve success. He wanted to pass on his hard-won knowledge and inspire others in similar situations to never give up hope.

So, since 2009, Ashok established Cheers Foundation as a way of honoring his past while also providing hope for the future of so many children who found themselves parentless – just like him years before. The foundation receives partial funding from corporate Companies and individual donors who have helped it thrive since its inception.

Today, 55 orphan children from ages 5 to 21 are receiving both food, shelter as well as quality education through the Foundation. Also all these years we have restored 75 runaway, child labor, begging children with their Families. It is all made possible by individual donors – people just like you!

The foundation offers these orphaned children housing, health care, education and nutrition. In addition, the foundation also provides emotional and psychological support for the children as well as guidance into adulthood

How you can help us

Just call at +91 97011 89677 to make a donation

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to seek a society which celebrates diversity, where rights are secured, citizenship realized


Children all are doing well, they all got good marks in annual exams they are so excited to go to new classes.

Connect With Kids

You can come over to our location and spend time with kids involving them in any of the activities


We celebrate birthdays of children and we can share with you the schedule if you wish to join,